For award-winning ice cream look no further than Di Meos in Whitley Bay. Whatever flavour you like, and there are plenty to choose from, Di Meos have officially been recognised as the best with a national ice cream award. Gelato, Italian for ice cream, is a natural luxury discovered by the Romans and mastered through four generations of the Di Meo family. Their homemade Gelato is freshly made by hand every day following the secret family recipe which dates back to 1925. Like their ancestors, they continue to use only the finest ingredients and the creamiest milk which has been sourced from local dairy farms. It is through their commitment to quality, freshness and most importantly tradition, which distinguishes their award winning Gelato from other ordinary ice creams.

Opening Hours

  • Monday-Thursday09:30-19:30
  • Friday-Sunday09:30-20:00

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